Our Mission Statement

“We will partner with community leaders, medical leaders and other key stakeholders of the El Triunfo area of Honduras to enhance individual and community health and environmental sustainability. Our partnership will be achieved through listening, mutual sharing of skills, nurturing our joint faith and synergistically applying resources beyond our church community. Our mission will result in short- and long-term measurable improvement in the personal and community health of the people of El Triunfo, and deep cooperation and trust in the partnership.”

2011 Mission

With Marisela’s help, in February 2011 we delivered about $2,500 of medical supplies to the regional hospital in Choluteca. Over four days, we conducted medical clinics in El Triunfo and surrounding villages, where basic care is difficult to access. Our clinicians saw more than 700 individuals with a wide range of medical concerns. Working with our Honduran counterparts, we erected walls for a kindergarten school building in the village of Piedra Parada, a community of about 400 people.

2012 Scouting Trip

A trip planned for February 2012 for four HHP members was cancelled because of significant increases in violent crimes in Honduras, making travel by North Americans unacceptably risky. The decision to cancel was prompted by the Peace Corps’ decision to pull its volunteers and staff from Honduras in late 2011.

2012 School Support

With the help of Marisela, we provided approximately $1300 for her to purchase books and school supplies in Tegucigalpa and deliver them to the village of Piedra Parada. The books and supplies support the education of roughly 80 young students and will be used by several classes going forward.

2013 Mission

Our planned mission trip was postponed also because of the security situation in Honduras. Our mission efforts continue from a distance. In April 2013 a member of our Honduras partnership travelled to Honduras to meet with officials in El Triunfo to assess the need for and feasibility of developing a water purification project for the area. Our plan is to move forward with laying the ground work for implementing a water purification project that is embraced by the community and is sustainable. Our goal is to return to El Triunfo in 2014 if possible. Discussions continue regarding how to best provide medical assistance to the area.